The George Taylor House (GTH), which is located at Lehigh and Poplar Streets in Catasauqua, PA, was built in 1768 by Philadelphia Carpenters for George Taylor, one of the 56 signers of the American Declaration of Independence. Situated on five acres in a park-like setting overlooking the historic Lehigh River Canal, the GTH is a two-story Georgian stone mansion with symmetrically paired brick end-chimneys and a gable roof with flattened ridge.

The rectangular main house is five bays wide and two bays deep with a central hall that divides the four first floor rooms into pairs: the living room and parlor on the left, and the dining room and reception room on the right. The second floor contains four bedrooms and two small dressing rooms.

The 24 inch walls are constructed of stone masonry rubble and are finished with thick slaked-lime stucco, which gives the house its white appearance. The stone kitchen, which adjoins the main house at the south end, was constructed around 1800. A short distance to the east or rear of the house is a one and a half story brick summer kitchen, which was built around 1850.

Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971, the GTH was purchased by the Borough of Catasauqua in 2009, and is currently used as a venue for community events, historical education, and archeological exploration.